Visit The Largest Shipyard In The Ancient World

The Ancient World's Biggest Shipyard
If we say the biggest shipyard of ancient times is here, on Dana Island, wouldn't you like to discover it?

Not only the plains, mountains, but also the coasts of Anatolia are the places where mankind has developed itself the most since the earliest times of history, established great civilisations and left great works today.

Dana Island Shipyard In Ancient Times

Shipbuilding in Ancient Times in Mediterranean Sea
In 2016, the largest shipyard of ancient times was unearthed on this island by Turkish archaeologists. In 3,200 years old shipyard, 274 hull locations were determined. This discovery that attracted all attention made the island a much more curious place. With its mysterious history, interesting natural structure and magnificent sea, Dana Island is now a place where everyone can go and see the sea and enjoy history with boat tours from Boğsak.

You will feel yourself in an aquarium while swimming in the the northern coast of Dana IslandDo not forget to take snorkelling gear with you. There are also diving tours for scuba diving.

You can also reach Dana Island from Taşucu by daily boat tours. Boğsak and Tasucu departure tours include lunch meals, unlimited tea and coffee and comfort for those who want a nice sailing day around the island.

Boat tours are not just for summer. Twelve months of the year you can explore Dana Island at any time. If you are on your way to the region, you can contact us for any information about day tours, boats and accommodation. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page if you have questions about the island or if you are planning to visit.

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